Thursday, July 21, 2016

Millennials have no loyalty when it comes to work.

I was reading an assignment question when I came across this topic which concerns me and my future. It seems like there are many negative articles regarding my generation which is generation Y.
A story on a girl who achieved a CGPA of 3.9 remain unemployed because of the negative perception of the generation that she was born in caught my attention when i was reading through a few articles. The articles are mostly based on the main concerns of employers when they make decisions to hire employees of my generation.

If you already have a perception in mind that our generation is not ready for work, how do you expect us to land ourselves a job then? 

Most of the articles highlight one similar concern whereby they claimed that people of our generation has no loyalty when it comes to work.

My POV on this: 

I wouldn't deny the fact that people of my generation might not be the most loyal employees compared to other generations. This is because we grew up in a competitive environment where diploma and degree have almost zero importance. If you're rich and you can afford to go to good colleges, then good for you. Some people are smart but couldn't further their studies because most colleges don't offer full scholarships anymore because they know that students will still enter their college despite the fact that they have no scholarships. Education has became a business instead of an equal opportunity for people to grow. I have to agree to the statement that has been circulating around the Internet whereby your education level is just a bonus to what you already have in you (experiences, etc.). In short, everyone knows that education level doesn't determine whether you're capable for a job anymore because it can easily be bought by money. 

Comparing us to Generation X, employers of that generation might only pay attention to the level of your education or experience, either one of those two. Fast forward to today, every big company expect to hire an employee that is well-rounded in terms of education, work experiences, life experiences and even the way you present yourself. No employer focuses solely on education or experiences anymore. People of previous generations have to understand that we are not living in the same era anymore where employers are always right. Employees these days are opinionated and are often challenging to hire because they will challenge the mindset and ideas that you already have. This is how you grow, and this is how you help them grow. You are not supposed to shut them off by asking them to just follow instructions. We don't just follow instructions. We do what we understand. We don't just memorize and carry out our tasks, you see? 

So, what are we supposed to do? Stay in one job where we started of as a low-pay inexperience employee? Or are we supposed to jump from one job to another to widen our experiences in the field we are working in? Either way, we will still be judged as ''the generation'' that every employer is afraid to hire. Why? Because we are hungry for experiences. And this hunger is wrong. Why again? Because our hunger for experiences will always be perceived as an ''excuse'' to get us out of trouble. 

People like me, personally, I feed on experiences. Considering the course that i'm pursuing and the country I live in, there is very little opportunities that I can go after. Considering again the state that i'm living in, the companies that are related to my interest and the course that i'm studying usually requires us to have few years of experiences. So what now? It's our fault to jump from one job to another job? This is because we have goals to achieve. And the company that we're dying to work in may require us to have years of experience prior to entering the company. So who's to be blamed? Think again. People of our generation or the company who requires us to have few years of experience for a basic job like the one i'm interested in? What causes us to have no loyalty in our jobs? 

We switch jobs for many reasons.
We switch jobs because our job scope is not challenging enough for us.
We switch jobs because our employers do not treat us fairly and equally.
We switch jobs because we are hungry for experiences.
We switch jobs because we love meeting new people.
We switch jobs because we want to try to work in different fields.
We switch jobs because we want to further our studies after earning enough money to do so.
We switch jobs because our goals are no longer relevant to the job we are doing now.
We switch jobs because just like you, we want to be our own boss and build a new start up.
or maybe you can continue with your judgment and perception of our generation and self pick the reason for us...
''We switch jobs because we are millennials''. 




Monday, January 6, 2014

Being judgmental.

Hey lovelies! 
This is my first blog entry for this year ( 2014 ) .
2013 was a rough year for me. But was also a dream come true year for me.
It's 12.13a.m. now. And i stayed up write cause i'm really in the mood for it now.

Touch your heart and ask yourself.
Do you judge people?
Don't tell me you don't.
Everyone does. Only god doesn't. 
We are all not perfect.

Judging doesn't only mean negative comments. 

''She's such a happy person'' can be a kind of judgement as well.

This is going to be a ''wordy'' post, SO BE PREPARED.

I always judge people eventhough im not perfect. 
And i'll never be perfect. 
I know that. but i cant help not judging people.

I really tried my best not to, and in certain ways, i did it.
But in some ways, i still don't.
I am not a smoker nor a drinker. 

Like yesterday, i went out and i saw a girl who is of my age or younger than me smoking. 
And i was like '' ewww, she smokes? '' 
Yeap. I judge. I think if you do this kind of thing, be prepared to be judged. 
People will judge you if you're involve in all these negative activities where you can stay away from, but you didn't.
It's always an option, not a choice.

However, being judgmental is not a good thing at all. 
It hurts you, and worst of all, cause of your negative comments, you might kill lives. 
We are all living in a society that judge people.
I judge you, you judge me.
So when a mistake is done, who is to blame? 
The person who did it, or the person who judge too much and makes them afraid to face it?

Let me give you an example.
Abortion is never a right thing to do.
Throwing babies is not a right thing to do.
But, you have an option. 
If you think before you take the next step, you don't need abortion nor to throw your babies. Yeap, you are to blame. 
BUT have you put yourself in their shoes and consider their situation? 
Some people who throw their babies or kill their babies just because they dont want to be a mother, that one i have nothing to say.
How about a person who wants to keep the baby but has no courage to? This is because of the judgmental society they are living in.
They are not afraid to raise the baby.
But what they are afraid of is what people might say about them, about their family.
Without thinking of that, we just judge them by saying '' omg how can she be so mean ? ''
She is to be blamed, but the society who judge people like them are to be blamed as well.

*P/S ; Please read properly. I DO NOT ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO THROW BABIES NOR ABORT THEIR BABIES. Don't get me wrong. 
I'm just trying to remind them that, people will always judge you. 
but what matters is, how you look at yourself. 
Don't keep thinking of what people might think of you, cause they don't know your story. They might not even know your name.

''She's such a happy-go-lucky person''.
This is the most common judgement most of the people had made for at least once. 
I've been called a happy go lucky person years back.
But hey, none of them know how many times i've cried myself to bed those years.
They don't know how many times i almost gave up on myself.
They don't know how often i felt useless.
They don't know most of the smiles are fake smiles.
They don't know what i'm going through.
But they still judge. 
Although it is a positive comment, but just a reminder, don't judge cause you don't know her story. 
I'm glad i'm a happier person now, thanks to that someone. :*

Even relationships, DONT ever ask advice from anyone.
Everyone has different type of relationships, so unless is theirs, or else they have no right to give any comment nor advice. 
Their advice might work in their relationship but it might harm your relationship.
So why not work it out yourself? 

Being a jealous person is not a fun thing to do. 
but people don't seem to get it. 
They think that you're jealous because you have trust issues.
But what they dont get it is that you've been cheated on, lied to and broken which caused you to build your walls up.
When you've found the right person, you expect him to break your walls, step by step until you can trust a person all over again. 
I've found mine. And i'm happy bout it. 
I'm really a jealous person and people KEPT ON , and what i meant by kept on is for 3 years non stop, judge me for having trust issues.
But they've not once put themselves in my shoe and see what i've been through before giving comments.
One day, you'll realize that people will judge you no matter how good you are. 
What matters is, you'll find that one person who understand your problems, and are willing to break your walls , step by step, until you can trust people again. 

I judge people a lot. 
Like a lot. but i either tell my bestfriend, him or keep it to myself.
After all, who am i to judge. 

Time to put your head up, and stop giving a damn about what other people think about you.

''Don't give up. Just be you. Life's to short to try to be someone else. ''


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2 July 2013, Earthquake.

Hey readers! I'm sorry for being very inactive lately! I've been playing an online game A LOT lately and i felt bad for not studying. :| 
Anyways, here is a short update.
I received a call from my cousin that there was an earthquake in Penang around 4pm , 2nd of July 2013.
So i came online to check if it was real. and IT IS! 
Fellow penangites, STAY SAFE! 
I checked for other places which are affected and i found out that Sumatra was hit by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake. 
However, no deaths or injuries is reported. Phewww! Thank god! 
I hope there wont be any tsunami :| 
First it was haze, and now earthquake. What is happening to our mother earth?! 
OKAYYYY. This is the only update i get so far.
I'll update my post if i get any info about the earthquake. 
Stay safeee! 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

''Every child deserves to be a child'' - World Vision Malaysia.

There is no point reading what i am going to write next if you never watch the video above.
If you're able to read this now, be thankful and be grateful because there are some children who doesn't get to even study when we get to sit in front of the laptop/computer/macbook/iphone/android and so on. 
Some of the children in certain part of the world have nothing like this. 
After watching the video, i have this guilty feeling inside of me for being such an ungrateful kid. 
In the video, the children only eat brown rice and kangkung for every meal. 
Us? We teenagers sometimes eat in expensive restaurant and yet we still complain that the food taste terrible and refuse to finish the food after ordering .
I admit, i'm really an ungrateful child.
I always ask for more from my parents. Maybe because i'm the only child. 
When they offer to buy me rice, i'll sometimes say that i want something else. I'm really choosy when it comes to food. It is not a good habit and i'm trying to change it.
I often waste food as well. The food i buy, is sometimes more than i can eat. So, the rest of the food ended up in the rubbish bin.
Everytime i tell my boyfriend bout it, he will be like 'Waste food ah? Do you know that the children in Africa.........' and before he goes on, i'll stop him and tell him that i feel bad already. 
Eventhough he was just fooling around with me and has no intention of making me feel bad ,  i still do. 
And i'm happy that he kept repeating it whenever i waste food. 
After watching the video above, i told him that i'll change. 
He asked me ''Are you sure you'll change? :P ''
I hesitated for a while.
I don't wanna promise anything that i might not fulfill so im going to say that, i'll try my very best. 
That's the most i can do for now as a teenager to support the world vision programmes. All i can do is to give moral support. I don't know what else i can do. 
We can choose what we wanna eat here. But the children there, they have no choice but to eat whatever they can get.
Children nowadays get to study but we tend to say that we hate school. 
We don't realize how much the children in some parts of the world would LOVE to study but they can't afford to do so. 

If you can't support them financially maybe because you're still young or whatever reason it is, you can support them morally. 
Yes, at least do something bout it. 
For example, BE MORE GRATEFUL and don't take whatever we have for granted. 
Eat whatever is provided, don't be choosy. 
Of course, the best way is to not waste food. 

Others who are financially stable and wish to help the poor children in other countries, you may visit the official webpage of World Vision Malaysia for further details.
Click the link below to visit World Vision Malaysia. 

You can see the list of countries which are supported by Malaysians through the Child Sponsorship programme in the picture below.

Now is the time where we can help the poor families to overcome their poverty. 
Why not reach your hands out and help as much as you can?
Helping the poor doesnt mean only by joining the children sponsorship programme. 
You can help the poor in many ways, everyday, everywhere. 
'' Great opportunities to help the others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday. '' 

'' Anywhere i see suffering, that is where i want to be, doing what i can. 
-Princess Diana''


Thursday, May 23, 2013


I am kind of pissed off at my parents lately because they don't seem to be considerate anymore.
I've just sat for an exam and they claimed that i haven't been studying much. 
Once my exam is over, they are already asking me why i never study? 
Like seriously. I am having my semester break. CAN'T THEY JUST GIVE ME SOME SPACE TO RELAX MY MIND ? 
No. They can never understand what i am going through because they never try to put themselves in my shoe. 
They are thinking that i shouldn't feel stress since they ''DID NOT'' give me any problem. 
Someone told me that i should open up to them. Yeahhh. I did. I opened up to them and they make me feel worse. 
They always think that making me feel bad is the best way to change me.
I'm sorry but no. Every single time you make me feel bad, the more i feel like moving out of this house. 
I'm really afraid that one day, i'll lose my patience and just blow up. 
I know in my parents' eyes , i will always be their little girl.
But they gotta trust me that i know what i am doing. 
This morning, my mom bugged me bout tuition. She say i'm rebellious just because i dont wanna take an extra tuition class.
My school schedule is already damn packed , especially after this semester. 
I can hardly even rest properly, now she wanna pressure me more. I'm about to blow up, like seriously.
When my schedule get too packed with school activites and tuition, i will end up not getting good result, again.
And guess who will they blame? 
Yes, you're right. ME. 
whatever shit they do is right, whatever fuck i do, is wrong. 

Here is a shout out to all parents out there. 
I'm sure most of the parents don't realize this.
Very protective parents often result in very rebellious children.
Especially teenagers. 
We are teenagers so we know what is wrong and what is right.
It doesn't matter if it is in studies, relationship, social life or even private life, as a parent , you should be supportive and don't question much if nothing seems to go wrong. 
You have to trust your kids and know that they'll know their limit to everything. 
I am sure that it the best way. 
Of course, you have to show them love. 
Love doesnt mean that you have to control them like a slave. 
All you have to do is to care about them, and not ask them to lead their life based on what you think is right. 
If you're asking them to do everything your way, once they grow up, they'll NEVER listen to you anymore. or in another way, they won't grow up. They will be depending on you all the time.
I am sure you don't want your kids to be a little boy/girl forever right ? 
Let them do things their own way and put trust in them. 
That is what parents are for. 

I am writing this on the behalf of teenagers that have the same point of view as me. If you have a different point of view, then i'm sorry. :)