Thursday, July 21, 2016

Millennials have no loyalty when it comes to work.

I was reading an assignment question when I came across this topic which concerns me and my future. It seems like there are many negative articles regarding my generation which is generation Y.
A story on a girl who achieved a CGPA of 3.9 remain unemployed because of the negative perception of the generation that she was born in caught my attention when i was reading through a few articles. The articles are mostly based on the main concerns of employers when they make decisions to hire employees of my generation.

If you already have a perception in mind that our generation is not ready for work, how do you expect us to land ourselves a job then? 

Most of the articles highlight one similar concern whereby they claimed that people of our generation has no loyalty when it comes to work.

My POV on this: 

I wouldn't deny the fact that people of my generation might not be the most loyal employees compared to other generations. This is because we grew up in a competitive environment where diploma and degree have almost zero importance. If you're rich and you can afford to go to good colleges, then good for you. Some people are smart but couldn't further their studies because most colleges don't offer full scholarships anymore because they know that students will still enter their college despite the fact that they have no scholarships. Education has became a business instead of an equal opportunity for people to grow. I have to agree to the statement that has been circulating around the Internet whereby your education level is just a bonus to what you already have in you (experiences, etc.). In short, everyone knows that education level doesn't determine whether you're capable for a job anymore because it can easily be bought by money. 

Comparing us to Generation X, employers of that generation might only pay attention to the level of your education or experience, either one of those two. Fast forward to today, every big company expect to hire an employee that is well-rounded in terms of education, work experiences, life experiences and even the way you present yourself. No employer focuses solely on education or experiences anymore. People of previous generations have to understand that we are not living in the same era anymore where employers are always right. Employees these days are opinionated and are often challenging to hire because they will challenge the mindset and ideas that you already have. This is how you grow, and this is how you help them grow. You are not supposed to shut them off by asking them to just follow instructions. We don't just follow instructions. We do what we understand. We don't just memorize and carry out our tasks, you see? 

So, what are we supposed to do? Stay in one job where we started of as a low-pay inexperience employee? Or are we supposed to jump from one job to another to widen our experiences in the field we are working in? Either way, we will still be judged as ''the generation'' that every employer is afraid to hire. Why? Because we are hungry for experiences. And this hunger is wrong. Why again? Because our hunger for experiences will always be perceived as an ''excuse'' to get us out of trouble. 

People like me, personally, I feed on experiences. Considering the course that i'm pursuing and the country I live in, there is very little opportunities that I can go after. Considering again the state that i'm living in, the companies that are related to my interest and the course that i'm studying usually requires us to have few years of experiences. So what now? It's our fault to jump from one job to another job? This is because we have goals to achieve. And the company that we're dying to work in may require us to have years of experience prior to entering the company. So who's to be blamed? Think again. People of our generation or the company who requires us to have few years of experience for a basic job like the one i'm interested in? What causes us to have no loyalty in our jobs? 

We switch jobs for many reasons.
We switch jobs because our job scope is not challenging enough for us.
We switch jobs because our employers do not treat us fairly and equally.
We switch jobs because we are hungry for experiences.
We switch jobs because we love meeting new people.
We switch jobs because we want to try to work in different fields.
We switch jobs because we want to further our studies after earning enough money to do so.
We switch jobs because our goals are no longer relevant to the job we are doing now.
We switch jobs because just like you, we want to be our own boss and build a new start up.
or maybe you can continue with your judgment and perception of our generation and self pick the reason for us...
''We switch jobs because we are millennials''.