Monday, January 6, 2014

Being judgmental.

Hey lovelies! 
This is my first blog entry for this year ( 2014 ) .
2013 was a rough year for me. But was also a dream come true year for me.
It's 12.13a.m. now. And i stayed up write cause i'm really in the mood for it now.

Touch your heart and ask yourself.
Do you judge people?
Don't tell me you don't.
Everyone does. Only god doesn't. 
We are all not perfect.

Judging doesn't only mean negative comments. 

''She's such a happy person'' can be a kind of judgement as well.

This is going to be a ''wordy'' post, SO BE PREPARED.

I always judge people eventhough im not perfect. 
And i'll never be perfect. 
I know that. but i cant help not judging people.

I really tried my best not to, and in certain ways, i did it.
But in some ways, i still don't.
I am not a smoker nor a drinker. 

Like yesterday, i went out and i saw a girl who is of my age or younger than me smoking. 
And i was like '' ewww, she smokes? '' 
Yeap. I judge. I think if you do this kind of thing, be prepared to be judged. 
People will judge you if you're involve in all these negative activities where you can stay away from, but you didn't.
It's always an option, not a choice.

However, being judgmental is not a good thing at all. 
It hurts you, and worst of all, cause of your negative comments, you might kill lives. 
We are all living in a society that judge people.
I judge you, you judge me.
So when a mistake is done, who is to blame? 
The person who did it, or the person who judge too much and makes them afraid to face it?

Let me give you an example.
Abortion is never a right thing to do.
Throwing babies is not a right thing to do.
But, you have an option. 
If you think before you take the next step, you don't need abortion nor to throw your babies. Yeap, you are to blame. 
BUT have you put yourself in their shoes and consider their situation? 
Some people who throw their babies or kill their babies just because they dont want to be a mother, that one i have nothing to say.
How about a person who wants to keep the baby but has no courage to? This is because of the judgmental society they are living in.
They are not afraid to raise the baby.
But what they are afraid of is what people might say about them, about their family.
Without thinking of that, we just judge them by saying '' omg how can she be so mean ? ''
She is to be blamed, but the society who judge people like them are to be blamed as well.

*P/S ; Please read properly. I DO NOT ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO THROW BABIES NOR ABORT THEIR BABIES. Don't get me wrong. 
I'm just trying to remind them that, people will always judge you. 
but what matters is, how you look at yourself. 
Don't keep thinking of what people might think of you, cause they don't know your story. They might not even know your name.

''She's such a happy-go-lucky person''.
This is the most common judgement most of the people had made for at least once. 
I've been called a happy go lucky person years back.
But hey, none of them know how many times i've cried myself to bed those years.
They don't know how many times i almost gave up on myself.
They don't know how often i felt useless.
They don't know most of the smiles are fake smiles.
They don't know what i'm going through.
But they still judge. 
Although it is a positive comment, but just a reminder, don't judge cause you don't know her story. 
I'm glad i'm a happier person now, thanks to that someone. :*

Even relationships, DONT ever ask advice from anyone.
Everyone has different type of relationships, so unless is theirs, or else they have no right to give any comment nor advice. 
Their advice might work in their relationship but it might harm your relationship.
So why not work it out yourself? 

Being a jealous person is not a fun thing to do. 
but people don't seem to get it. 
They think that you're jealous because you have trust issues.
But what they dont get it is that you've been cheated on, lied to and broken which caused you to build your walls up.
When you've found the right person, you expect him to break your walls, step by step until you can trust a person all over again. 
I've found mine. And i'm happy bout it. 
I'm really a jealous person and people KEPT ON , and what i meant by kept on is for 3 years non stop, judge me for having trust issues.
But they've not once put themselves in my shoe and see what i've been through before giving comments.
One day, you'll realize that people will judge you no matter how good you are. 
What matters is, you'll find that one person who understand your problems, and are willing to break your walls , step by step, until you can trust people again. 

I judge people a lot. 
Like a lot. but i either tell my bestfriend, him or keep it to myself.
After all, who am i to judge. 

Time to put your head up, and stop giving a damn about what other people think about you.

''Don't give up. Just be you. Life's to short to try to be someone else. ''