Thursday, May 23, 2013


I am kind of pissed off at my parents lately because they don't seem to be considerate anymore.
I've just sat for an exam and they claimed that i haven't been studying much. 
Once my exam is over, they are already asking me why i never study? 
Like seriously. I am having my semester break. CAN'T THEY JUST GIVE ME SOME SPACE TO RELAX MY MIND ? 
No. They can never understand what i am going through because they never try to put themselves in my shoe. 
They are thinking that i shouldn't feel stress since they ''DID NOT'' give me any problem. 
Someone told me that i should open up to them. Yeahhh. I did. I opened up to them and they make me feel worse. 
They always think that making me feel bad is the best way to change me.
I'm sorry but no. Every single time you make me feel bad, the more i feel like moving out of this house. 
I'm really afraid that one day, i'll lose my patience and just blow up. 
I know in my parents' eyes , i will always be their little girl.
But they gotta trust me that i know what i am doing. 
This morning, my mom bugged me bout tuition. She say i'm rebellious just because i dont wanna take an extra tuition class.
My school schedule is already damn packed , especially after this semester. 
I can hardly even rest properly, now she wanna pressure me more. I'm about to blow up, like seriously.
When my schedule get too packed with school activites and tuition, i will end up not getting good result, again.
And guess who will they blame? 
Yes, you're right. ME. 
whatever shit they do is right, whatever fuck i do, is wrong. 

Here is a shout out to all parents out there. 
I'm sure most of the parents don't realize this.
Very protective parents often result in very rebellious children.
Especially teenagers. 
We are teenagers so we know what is wrong and what is right.
It doesn't matter if it is in studies, relationship, social life or even private life, as a parent , you should be supportive and don't question much if nothing seems to go wrong. 
You have to trust your kids and know that they'll know their limit to everything. 
I am sure that it the best way. 
Of course, you have to show them love. 
Love doesnt mean that you have to control them like a slave. 
All you have to do is to care about them, and not ask them to lead their life based on what you think is right. 
If you're asking them to do everything your way, once they grow up, they'll NEVER listen to you anymore. or in another way, they won't grow up. They will be depending on you all the time.
I am sure you don't want your kids to be a little boy/girl forever right ? 
Let them do things their own way and put trust in them. 
That is what parents are for. 

I am writing this on the behalf of teenagers that have the same point of view as me. If you have a different point of view, then i'm sorry. :)