Sunday, May 26, 2013

''Every child deserves to be a child'' - World Vision Malaysia.

There is no point reading what i am going to write next if you never watch the video above.
If you're able to read this now, be thankful and be grateful because there are some children who doesn't get to even study when we get to sit in front of the laptop/computer/macbook/iphone/android and so on. 
Some of the children in certain part of the world have nothing like this. 
After watching the video, i have this guilty feeling inside of me for being such an ungrateful kid. 
In the video, the children only eat brown rice and kangkung for every meal. 
Us? We teenagers sometimes eat in expensive restaurant and yet we still complain that the food taste terrible and refuse to finish the food after ordering .
I admit, i'm really an ungrateful child.
I always ask for more from my parents. Maybe because i'm the only child. 
When they offer to buy me rice, i'll sometimes say that i want something else. I'm really choosy when it comes to food. It is not a good habit and i'm trying to change it.
I often waste food as well. The food i buy, is sometimes more than i can eat. So, the rest of the food ended up in the rubbish bin.
Everytime i tell my boyfriend bout it, he will be like 'Waste food ah? Do you know that the children in Africa.........' and before he goes on, i'll stop him and tell him that i feel bad already. 
Eventhough he was just fooling around with me and has no intention of making me feel bad ,  i still do. 
And i'm happy that he kept repeating it whenever i waste food. 
After watching the video above, i told him that i'll change. 
He asked me ''Are you sure you'll change? :P ''
I hesitated for a while.
I don't wanna promise anything that i might not fulfill so im going to say that, i'll try my very best. 
That's the most i can do for now as a teenager to support the world vision programmes. All i can do is to give moral support. I don't know what else i can do. 
We can choose what we wanna eat here. But the children there, they have no choice but to eat whatever they can get.
Children nowadays get to study but we tend to say that we hate school. 
We don't realize how much the children in some parts of the world would LOVE to study but they can't afford to do so. 

If you can't support them financially maybe because you're still young or whatever reason it is, you can support them morally. 
Yes, at least do something bout it. 
For example, BE MORE GRATEFUL and don't take whatever we have for granted. 
Eat whatever is provided, don't be choosy. 
Of course, the best way is to not waste food. 

Others who are financially stable and wish to help the poor children in other countries, you may visit the official webpage of World Vision Malaysia for further details.
Click the link below to visit World Vision Malaysia. 

You can see the list of countries which are supported by Malaysians through the Child Sponsorship programme in the picture below.

Now is the time where we can help the poor families to overcome their poverty. 
Why not reach your hands out and help as much as you can?
Helping the poor doesnt mean only by joining the children sponsorship programme. 
You can help the poor in many ways, everyday, everywhere. 
'' Great opportunities to help the others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday. '' 

'' Anywhere i see suffering, that is where i want to be, doing what i can. 
-Princess Diana''