Saturday, March 2, 2013

friendzoned ?

Considered friendzoned yet? but i'm not even in his zone.
I'm just a stranger to him.
So ,  i wished him on his birthday with a hope that we will start talking.
But nah, our conversations ended after i said ;you're welcome;. 
I'm quite excited because that was the first time he actually ''talks'' to me.
I don't want to continue talking because i know it is going to be really annoying.
So yeah. It's fun to see him yesterday because he finally looked at me, for a tiny while though. 
At least he knows that i exist.
I talk a lot in class hoping that i'll get attention from him. 
It doesn't seems to work and i'm feeling stupid. 
I know i asked you all to not give up on people you love,
but i'm trying my best to give him up.
Why? because he is too perfect to be mine :/
I don't know, but he shows no sign of liking me. stupid me. sigh.
and i was thinking that he might already has a person in mind because i saw him playing with his phone all alone. :/ 
It is quite hard for me to not like him because i fell for his stupid stare at the first sight. :/ 
That's all for now. :( 
Do comment on how you feel  , below. 

With love,