Sunday, March 31, 2013

Don't change yourself for ANYONE.


Back then, i'm a girl who will change for someone. I will do anything to make sure that we are fine. 
But i was wrong. Changing for someone is not a right thing to do. 
If they love you, they'll love you for who you are. 
Unless they ask you to change for your own good, then it is fine. 
Other than that, DO NOT CHANGE FOR SOMEONE. 
They'll end up taking you for granted. 
Lately, i get bad sunburn and i get comments saying that i turn really dark and ugly but FUCK IT.
I may be really hurt listening to those comments but i won't change or whatsoever. 
I might make up really thick to cover the sunburn, but i won't do anything more than that to look any prettier. 
Like me when i'm ugly and when i'm at my worst, then i'll say that you deserve to be present at my best.  
Girls and boys, Love yourself before allowing anyone to love you ;)
None of us is perfect, so why change ? Be who you are. 
I'm definitely not the type of girl who is super girlish, walk super slow or even eat in a girly way. 
I walk very fast, i eat very fast and i swear a lot.
I may sound rough , but i'm still a girl and i'm still me. 
If a guy loves me despite my weakness i state above, then he's definitely the mr.right ;)
And don't ever judge a book by its cover. 
Someone told me, ''It's the inside that matters, not the outside. ;) ''