Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Places to Visit in Penang.

I am a Penangite but i haven't visit many interesting places in Penang yet.
In fact, tourists have visited most of them more times than a penangite like me. 
So, i decided to write a post about places to visit in Penang which i have heard before.
At the same time, i can gather information and force my dad to bring me there sometimes soon! 
Penang has been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2008, attracting more tourists to visit this unique state.
Since my theme of this post is cuti-cuti Penang, i won't be elaborating much on the history of this state. You may look up for the history in wikipedia. 

Why do we consider penang a very unique state? This is because we have everything here. 
You want the best food? We have it here. 
You want a mall with facilities provided? No problem. 
You want a classy mall for fine dining? You can get it here.
You want to go for a family picnic at a beach with breathtaking scenery ? We have many of them. 
Even if you want to have a photography session in a cemetery, we have no problem providing it. Because we have a beautiful cemetery that attracts many photographers to visit it. 

Alright, enough with all that. I'll now go into the details of our topic today.


I remember writing about food before, so i won't be repeat it already. If you need to read those articles still, here are the two links. 
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Penang : Heaven of Food (Part 2)


a) Gurney Plaza

Beautiful isn't it? I decided to write this first since it is the most attractive mall in Penang and nearest to town area. The most important thing is, you can find many facilities, clothes, food and watch movie with a reasonable price! If you don't like to stay indoors, you may take a walk outside of the mall at the Al-fresco area. They have coffee bean, starbucks and many other food restaurants. 

B) Straits Quay

Straits Quay is a stunning mall with breathtaking view. There are many fine dining restaurants in the mall. Of course, it will cost you more since the restaurants are of the more classy restaurants. BUT! This is one of the places you must visit in Penang. Why? Because they have many many show held there already. Don't worry bout the price, just go and have fun there. If you want to go to a place for a photo taking session, this is a place you shouldn't miss!


a) Opposite Tropical Spice Garden.

*The credit of this picture goes to the very awesome photographer. ( Website this picture was taken. )

The sea water is almost crystal clear which makes it really cool. Besides, it is not a spacious beach so you don't have to walk too much. Best thing is, you can stop and eat right in front of the beach since there is a malay stall. 

Other than this beach, i really don't know which beach to introduce already. But you can actually visit Monkey Beach but i have no experience in visiting there. This is because my dad is quite afraid of letting me go near deep water since i almost drown once. :P 


a) Hard Rock Hotel

Pictures of swimming pools in Hard Rock Hotel Penang which i've copied from the official HR hotel website!

This hotel is definitely one of the most well known hotel everywhere. Despite the popularity of the hotel, the price is not really affordable. It costs around RM 600 for a night, if i'm not wrong. However, you can call up the hotel management centre for further information. As what i've seen and known, the swimming pool is SUPERB. 

Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Batu Ferringhi Beach,
11100 Penang, Malaysia
Tel:  +604 8811711      
Fax: +604 8812155

b) G Hotel

Some people just want to shop and rest. Some of them will visit the town area and then find a perfect hotel to live in. Just as a shelter. G Hotel is a perfect spot because it is right next to the very famous Gurney Plaza (A shopping mall with cinema in it, restaurants and boutiques). Besides, you will see a very beautiful scenery at night, despite the sometimes-muddy beach opposite the hotel, you will still enjoy your stay because it is really beautiful at night ;) I don't know bout the price but you may call up and ask.

G Hotel
168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang,
T : +604 238 0000      
F : +604 238 0088
E : g4u@ghotel.com.my

Heritage Sites

a) Mural Arts

The picture above, once again, is not taken by me.
For pictures and location of mural arts in Penang, kindly visit - Mural Arts (My Article written months ago)

Mural Arts in Penang is a must-see because we have the most beautiful and attractive mural arts. Thanks to Mr. Ernest ( and the basketball one, Mr Louis Gan ) for making Penang such a tourist attraction destination now. :) You may take pictures with the mural art too. Capture photos of you and the mural arts in many attractive way and post it on facebook for massive likes! :P

b) Fort Cornwallis

The fort cornwallis at Esplanade is a must to visit. This is a historical site which has been a tourist attraction since decades ago. Or many centuries, i don't know. :P i don't know if you have to pay for the entrance fee, but it is worth it. Take pictures with it the cannon! A MUST! :p It is located at the opposite of Esplanade seaside. :) 

Cultural Sites

a) Pinang Peranakan Mansion

peranakan mansion

Pinang Peranakan Mansion is a fine example of Baba and Nyonya culture in Penang. It has a really fine crafting and the antique stuffs in the mansion is really cool. I will visit it sometimes soon since my daddo loves heritage areas. 

Visiting Hours

Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays from 9:30 am to 5 pm

(Kindly make prior arrangements for conducted tours and the viewing of the mansion)


Adults : RM10.00

Children (below 6) : Free

Complimentary conducted tours are only available with prior arrangements for a group of 5 persons and above. All rates are subject to change without notice. Discounts are available to school bookings and other large groups. Contact us for prior bookings and more information to enjoy these special rates.

Videography and Photograpy

Videography and photography are not allowed within the mansion. Any use of photographs or video clips for commercial purposes without the express written consent from the Management is strictly prohibited.

29, Church Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
telephone:  604-2642929, 
fax: 604-2641929
e-mail: rmhbaba@streamyx.com. 
e-mail 2: rmhbaba@gmail.com

b) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion ( The blue mansion ) 

This mansion is the most beautiful mansion i've ever seen in Penang. I never really visit others yet , not even this. but i've seen it from outside and it is really breathtaking. If you are a historical person, this is a perfect place for you to visit. 

*Daily guided heritage tours of the house ( in English ) :  11am / 1.30pm / 3pm  
    Admission fee RM 12.00 per person.
 Most Excellent Project UNESCO 
  Asia Pacific Heritage Awards 2000  
Telephone - +604 262 0006      
Fax - +604 262 5289
 Email - resv.cftm@gmail.com  

This is all for now. I'm pretty sure there will be a part 2 of this post but i don't know when i'll be done with it. It might be in a month time or maybe longer since i'll be really busy this 2 months. 
Till then, see you!

Love ,