Friday, January 25, 2013

Penang : Heaven of Food ( Part 2 )

Hello readers! Lets continue with our yummy yummy food post !
The credit for the pictures below goes to the owner of the pictures.

Kapitan's Nasi Kandar

Usually if you have Nasi Kandar in your state, you wouldn't want to try nasi kandar anymore in other states. Well, you can make your own decision. I have been struggling to think of a Nasi Kandar restaurant which is really nice. And i've asked my dad if any of them are really good. Kapitan's popped out in my mind and i decided to write about it. I remember i used to hate Nasi Kandar a lot. But then, my school had a farewell party years ago and then ordered Kapitan's for us. Wowwww, the food is really nice. I remember having the naan with a chicken. With just this 2 food, i already enjoyed my meal. However, since the title is about nasi kandar, then you should really try the nasi kandar. My dad used to ''ta pao'' it back for me , and i seem to enjoy it. I thought it was some malay food though. teehee. was young that time :P sorry :P 

Environment : Clean
Price : Reasonable 
Service : Good 

Address : Gurney Tower, Penang 
It is located at Gurney Tower, right beside Starbucks.
Contact : 04 8182 811 
Business Hour : Opens daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner


Ali Mee Goreng/ Mee Rebus


You must have heard a lot about mee goreng in Penang.
It is one of the must try food in penang.
However, the mee goreng they recommend in brochures are often not as good as it is suppose to be.
Or should i say that, i don't like other mee goreng/mee rebus except for this stall - Ali Mee Goreng in Fettes Park.
One of reason why i hate other mee rebus/mee goreng is because of the prawn fritters.
It seems like no one can beat the tastiness of the mee goreng/mee rebus of this stall.
The prawn fritters in other stalls usually give out a not-so-nice taste. 
I really hate the taste. Even the taste of their mee rebus/mee goreng are not really consistent. The taste often change.

  • THE SOTONG(SQUID) IS GREAT. ( i think you have to ask for it otherwise you will get a smaller one. I think he charge a little bit more but it is worth it) 
  • The prawn fritter provided is the best you can ever get in a mee rebus/ mee goreng. Or in other words, it does not give you the weird smell.
  • The price is super reasonable! ( RM3.50 and above)
  • the taste of the mee rebus/mee goreng is super tasty! SUPER. BEST. BESTEST. Whatever word that can be used to describe a tasty food.

Despite all the very good points, there are one weakness. You have to wait for quite some time. Or should i say that, he take a longer time to prepare your food because he is really old. Sometimes, his son will be out to help him. If his son is there, then lucky you! You don't have to wait that long. But trust me, IT IS WORTH WAITING. 

Location : By the roadside of Fettes Park 
Few tips to help you find it. 

  • Situated in front of Fettes Park Coffee Shop
  • next to a burger stall
  • Opposite the road of  SEC electrical shop of prima tanjung. 
Environment : It is by the roadside but so far it is clean for me. I think you can sit in the fettes park coffee shop and have your mee goreng there until it is closed. after that , you will have to pack it and enjoy it at home.

Price : Super reasonable for a tasty delicious food.

Business hour : Close on friday. ( Usually will be opened around 8 pm )

Waiting time : Quite long. BUT WORTH WAITING.

If you are looking for a superb mee goreng/mee rebus, i will recommend this. I'LL RATE THIS 10/10.


Hai Wei Seafood Restaurant

If you visit penang with your family members, you will definitely want to try the food in this restaurant. ''Seafood restaurant'' might sound expensive, but trust me, it is not. It is way more reasonable compared to other stalls. Tsunami Seafood Restaurant will be one of the seafood restaurant i would recommend as well but i think many people has already write about it. So i decided to go with a place which is not-so-well known by tourists. You don't have to order the rice if you go there. You can just order the  Char Hor Fun or some other light food. However, i'm sure you don't want to eat just some 'light food' if you're out with your family members. If you were to order rice and dishes, the curry fish head is a must try. Other than that, DO TRY THE Coconut milk prawn or whatever it is called. It is damnnnn delicious! Love it! 
 You can also try the cheesy prawn which comes with a few pieces of bread. Eat it with the bread instead of rice and it will taste better. 

Business Hour : 11.30am - 2.30pm

                            5.30pm - 10.00pm

                          (Closed on Wednesday)

Tel : 04 899 0207

No. 365, Jalan Wee Hein Tze, Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang. (Leisure cove) (Behind Police Station)
George Town
Penang, Malaysia
(It is quite hard to find if you're a tourist, so ask around :)  ) 

I'm not sure when will i write the part 3 of Penang : Heaven of Food but stay tuned for it ! Will ask around for the best food and then share it with you all ! :) 
Visit penang for the very very awesome food !