Thursday, January 24, 2013

Penang : Heaven of Food. (Part 1)

Hello readers! I have been figuring out what to write to help tourists who visit my state and so on.
It seems like i have never write a long list of awesome restaurants/hawker stalls which provide awesome delicious food.
Since i am not paid to write any of my blog posts, then it can be trusted !
I will try to recall as many awesome restaurants as possible and i will list it out.
If possible, i will search for the address and contact number as well.

Please note that i will continue the part 2 whenever i have the time. I will be quite busy since i have school activities and so on, but this is for now!

Let's begin with the Western Food restaurant which is the nearest one to my house!

James Foo Western Food Restaurant !

5pm – 11:30pm, open every day

Address : i)21-A, Jalan Fettes Park,11200 Penang,

               ii) All Seasons Place, Bandar Baru Air Itam, Penang
                   (At Lebuhraya Thean Teik)

Phone : 04-899 3671 (Fettes Park)
Before i write anything about it, i would like to warn all of you that it is not as easy as you thought to get a place unless you reach there early. This is because they often have a long queue outside of their restaurant.
Despite the long long queue, i often get my order within 30 minutes. That is super fast for a full house restaurant. they provide you with the best western food you have ever had. Besides, IF I'M NOT WRONG, there is no service and government tax. The price is reasonable as well. I don't really remember the actual price anymore because it has been awhile since i last went there by myself.

  • Fully air-conditioned  ( unless you sit outside of the restaurant ) 
  • Limited parking spaces ( people often park at places where they are not allowed to and sometimes they go overboard and causes a traffic jam around that area. )
  • A cheaper price compared to other restaurants/hawker western food.
  • Taste way better than other western food. 
  • A very clean environment

Like them on facebook for more information!

James Foo Western Food Facebook

Penang Laksa 
I have written a few posts on Laksa which tasted OK and some which are delicious. However, i did not specifically mention a laksa stall which provides the best laksa. If you were to visit penang, our Penang Laksa is a must have. But of course, you have to choose the best one. If you eat the awful ones, you will definitely have bad impression of Penang. And i can't deny that there are many horrible laksa stalls in Penang. Penang laksa can be in malay style, or even chinese style. As for me, i prefer the chinese style because my dad often cooks it. There are Asam Laksa ( the sour one ) and Siam Laksa ( the lemak laksa / the one with coconut milk ) . I used to love siam laksa but i stopped craving for it when i have eaten too much of it. As for Asam Laksa, i just never get bored of it. I can't really choose one of them to be published here because i think there are a few which taste quite good.

The only one which i can still remember the taste is located opposite Penang Chinese Girl School or next to Goodall hawker stall. 
Location : Gottlieb Road Taman Emas Coffee Shop

It is of a reasonable price but i don't know exactly how much it is. I apologize because i couldn't get much information bout it since they dont have their very own website and they are too busy for me to actually approach them and ask :(

Siam Road : Char Koay Teow
Source :

Location : 
Siam Road (Jalan Siam) Char Koay Teow
Located at the end of Siam Road

Business hours: 3pm to 11pm (Closed on Mondays)

Do notice that stall will be shifted to somewhere along Anson Road after 8pm.

RM.3.50 for small plate and RM4 for big plate. ( i dont know if the price is still the same )

I did not taste this Char Koay Teow since i prefer the homemade ones. However, my family members often buy it from him. Especially my late aunt. They have not once criticize his cooking, so i decided to write about it. For your information, Char Koay Teow is a must have if you're in Penang. Eventhough you can find many of the stalls which provide you with delicious char koay teow, this stall is just plain different. He is still using the traditional way to fry the koay teow. That's how the food is known as charcoal char koay teow. You can either ta pao ( bungkus/pack) it and eat at home or you can have it hot and fresh at the opposite kopitiam.

Fyi, almost all the char koay teow in penang are edible. So if you want to try other hawker stalls one, go ahead, it will be nice, i suppose :3 

Apom Manis

I have not seen many people who write about this food. I think it deserves to be in the list of  'One of the must-taste food in Penang' . 

I always see people recommend the one which is sold by an Indian man at Swee Kong Coffee Shop in Pulau Tikus. If i'm not wrong, he has been selling it for few decades already. I've tried it before and it is really delicious. I tried asking my dad which apom is the best and he told me that indian guy sell a really delicious one. Since my dad is quite a ''foodie'' , i decided to take his advice and recommend this. Besides, do you know that he actually made his apom using claypot ? the price is reasonable! 

As for me, i'm quite fond of eating the one at Mount Erskine Market. It might not be the best, but i think it is alright for me. Yea yea yea, i know they have the ' market ' name there and some people will be like ' ewwww, how can i eat in the market ? ' . Well, don't be afraid then. There are 3 partitions at the market. The one you can see once you reach the market, are the hawker stalls. The hawker stalls are then followed by clothes and then 
vegetables, groceries and raw meat. Therefore, you can eat without the need of smelly any raw meat okay. The apom tasted very good and i often have my breakfast there and ta pao it back to share with my family members.  You know, it is crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. Since it is called apom manis, it will be a little bit sweet. Not too much so don't worry about getting diabetes and blablabla. No address, no contact number :( i'm sorry :'( 

Stay tuned for Penang : Heaven of Food ( Part 2 )