Sunday, December 2, 2012

Should you be with someone unfaithful ?

I should have written my blog yesterday but i was too excited with my two newborn nephews so i was kind of carried away by them. :P 
I'm so excited to get new baby nephews! :D
Anyways, let's continue with our topic today.
'Should you be with someone unfaithful ? ' 
I am sure that all of you should know that my answer will be a No.
When they are unfaithful, it means that they WILL or they ARE cheating on you.
If they really love you, then why do they need to cheat ?

If you THINK that he is cheating on you, don't skip to the conclusion okay ?

1) Ask him to go out with you on a date. If he refuses to go, tell him that you have something urgent to tell him and you can't tell him on the phone.

2) Bring him to a place that two of you always go together.

3) Be straight forward about this and don't beat around the bushes because you'll eventually have no guts to ask if you procrastinate. Ask him if he is cheating on you. If he asks what makes you think like that, tell him how you feel.

4) If he gets angry , he is definitely cheating on you. If he says he did not, then trust him BUT keep an eye on him. If he admits and ask for forgiveness, DON'T FORGIVE HIM.

5) (If he cheats) Tell him that you hope that both of you can still be friends(of course some of the girls can't :P) and leave. 

6) If he calls , don't pick up. 

Last but not least, NEVER EVER EVER BELIEVE IF HIS FRIENDS SAY THAT HE NEVER CHEATS AND SO ON. You know, guys always side their friends. Be smart.

Guys will usually say that they are not cheating on their girlfriend( of course they won't admit la. Which thief will admit that he is a thief?) 

I don't see why should you forgive a guy who cheats ? Old habit dies hard. I am sure you have heard of that line. Yes, everyone deserves a second chance. But not a cheater. If you take him back, he will definitely take you for granted and you will be crying over him again. Why waste your tears over some jerks that don't even deserve your fart ? Move on , girls. When he finds a new girlfriend, his girlfriend should be happy. If he really loves her, he will learn from the problems he face in the relationship with you and treats his new girlfriend well. Don't treat him as if he is the only guy who is left in this world. Don't show him that you are afraid of losing him, that will only makes him takes you for granted. Of course you have to be afraid of losing him. Just don't show it to him. After the break up, DON'T BLAME YOURSELF. Girls tend to blame themselves and think that they are not perfect enough for the guy and so on. No matter how bad you are, if he is not happy with you, he should JUST LEAVE. He MUST NOT CHEAT. Cheating is not right. And a person should not cheat no matter how bad their partner is. If you really love him, let him go. And if he change his attitude and then come back to you, you can take him back ( but prepare yourself for another heart break if he has his old attitude back. ) So, be smart and survey before you take him back. Again, DON'T ASK HIS FRIENDS. Their friends will hardly be honest to you, because they always follow the line, ' Bros over hoes. '. 
If he is really a good guy, don't let go of him easily. He might be from the 'dinosaur century' ( I mean, an extinct guy. ) Heh. Treats your partner well, like how you want your kids to be treated next time. If you're not ready to commit in a relationship, be honest to your partner and leave. Don't cheat and leave, that is just plain... slutty and jerky. 
Lastly, cheating on a good partner is like choosing trash over treasure. 

You might wake up one day and realize that you have lost a diamond while you are too busy collecting stones.