Saturday, November 24, 2012

Source ; The Star Online : Brother of mute artist defends inner city murals.

I never read newspapers unless my dad tell me any interesting news.
So, he told me just half an hour ago about a mute artist,Louis Gan Yee Loong who had painted 2 beautiful mural arts in Penang.
A variety programme had described his work as ‘destroying’ Penang's heritage buildings. 
LOL. I am a very big fan of mural arts even though i don't know how to paint and draw.
I do know which art is nice, and which art is not.
Yes, he did not get the approval from the authorities to paint on the wall.
But he is not vandalising the wall right ?
If he is doing it for good intention, what is so wrong about that ? 
Do you know that his painting on the children on swing are so good that i thought that it was drawn by Ernest. 
I have just removed a part of my very old blog post on the Children on Swing when i found out that it wasn't drawn by Ernest.
I'm not encouraging people to vandalise okay ? 
I'm saying that, if he do that for the sake of helping to beautify our heritage buildings, then it is fine what ?
If he scribbles on the wall for the fun of it, then of course he is wrong.
BUT DID HE ? No right ? He is just showing people what he has got. His talent, not many of us have it.
I am very sure that no matter how many years i try, i still can't produce a mural art like this.
This is god-gifted.
Is it wrong to use the talent gifted by god for goodness sake ? 
Of course, if he is just vandalising it, he deserves the law punishment. 
But I don't see any punishment that he deserves.
Penang Street Art - Children Playing Basketball at Gat Lebuh Chulia, Penang
Source :  ( picture not taken by me. )

Louis Gan and the Brother and Sister on a Swing mural (14 November, 2012)
This is drawn by him as well.

And this line 'he was criticised for not using heritage-friendly paint and failing to get the approval of the local authorities.' 

You criticize a person who has such a good talent in art ?
And don't forget, he is a mute artist. 
Despite his disabilities, he produced a good artwork.
There are so many things to criticize on , and you all choose to criticize people who put in effort to beautify our state ?
I just don't understand certain people. 
We are all people who make mistakes so to forgive others when they make mistakes is the right thing to do.
When people make big mistakes, your mouth is shut. This is just a small mistake. Why can't you ignore it ?
I am sure the art is bringing more advantages than the disadvantages right? 

Just in case if some people don't understand English or some people who LOVES to misunderstand people's statement, i would like to clarify my whole post. I had already mentioned what i am going to say next in the post. I, Eliza, DID NOT SAY THAT I AGREE TO VANDALISME NOR I SAY THAT VANDALISME IS RIGHT. I am saying that, if he is doing it with good intention and his artwork is nice, then it is not wrong. Of course, he is still wrong from not asking permission from the local authorities. But despite that, he is doing a good job in beautifying our state what ?  Last but not least, I'm saying it again, I AM AGAINST VANDALISME. Don't get me wrong, idiots. 

If you haven't read the news yet , 
i've already copied it from The Star Online.

''Brother of mute artist defends inner city murals

Gan Yee Chun, 24, said his artist brother Louis Gan Yee Loong, 25, painted the murals to portray the closeness of siblings — a topic close to Louis’ heart.
“He is the third of four boys and really values our family’s closeness.
“He wanted to be part of this project and share his God-given talent to promote his home state. Louis is very proud of Penang,” he said.
Louis, who was born deaf, painted two murals in Gat Lebuh Chulia with the intention of promoting tourism in the George Town Unesco World Heritage Site.
However, he was criticised for not using heritage-friendly paint and failing to get the approval of the local authorities.
Yee Chun said Louis, who is currently out of town, became upset after seeing a Facebook posting asking him to stop painting the murals.
“He was hurt after finding out that an Astro variety programme on Thursday night had described his work as ‘destroying’ our heritage buildings,” Yee Chun told a press conference here yesterday.
He said Louis, a Graphic Design diploma holder, started working on the project last month which is the brain-child of Sin Ban Seong Press.

The project involved four murals and Louis completed two.Yee Chun said his brother would not consider doing the other murals without the approval of the state and the relevant authorities.

Sin Ban Seong director Heng Khoon Chew, who was also present, said the company was now working closely with the relevant authorities to see if there was a suitable place for the remaining two murals.
State Town and Country Planning, Housing and Arts Committee chairman Wong Hon Wai said artists wanting to draw murals in the heritage site would now have to apply to the Penang Municipal Council for approval.
He said murals done by Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic should not be a precedent as his artworks were in conjunction with the George Town Festival which had been approved by the authorities and commissioned by the George Town World Heritage Inc.
Wong said interested individuals or companies should submit applications to the council’s Heritage Department and were required to comply with certain terms and conditions.
The Heritage Department can be contacted at             04-2592259      .''

Source : The Star Online.