Sunday, November 4, 2012

Skin products for pimple scars. :D

I have been talking to a lot of people lately about my stupid idiotic ugly pimple scars.
It gets better few months ago.
Out of sudden, here it comes. ThOSE idiotic pimples visit me again.
HUGE pimple somemore.
I tried a lot a lot of skin products before but it doesn't suits me ( though it suits my cousin ) 
So, some skin products depends on your skin as well.
The skin products i use definitely proves that you don't need to spends thousand of dollars to get a better skin.
Of course, if you are rich enough to do so, feel free to do it. It is your money anyways :P
The very first thing i do is , drink a lot of coconut water.
ONLY coconut water. I don't like to drink plain water.
I hate it actually. I am forced to drink but i only drink it when people force me to. :P
You have to remember that if you drink coconut water, make sure you dont put sugar.
Just let it be as natural as possible.
It is sweet enough.
Don't drink it everyday. 
You can drink it maybe two to three times a week.
Not continuously.
Okay okayyyy. Let's move on.

I'm using AIKEN Spot Away Facial Cleanser with UV Protection and Oil Control.
It really helps to blemish pimple scars without even using any other skin products.
But then, my mom starts to nag when she sees a lot of pimples on my face again.
So she bought me a new product.
AIKEN 100% PURE Tea Tree Oil.
It really stinks , for me. 
But you will have to suffer if you want to have a pimple free skin.
Aiken 100% PURE Tea Tree Oil  - Below RM 20 .
Aiken Spot Away Facial Cleanser - (I read on internet and some people say it is below RM 20) 
Sorry :( I don't know the exact price because my momma paid for those products. :(
SEE ? It is less than RM50 for 2 products ! 
The tea tree oil comes in a very tiny mini small bottle. :O But it is enough to use for one month, i guess. :P

Other than this 2 products, I remember that i used to use to MEDERMA for scars. 
Not only pimple scars but any scars you have.
I remember i fell from the swing once, and i got a huge scar on my right arm.
I applied mederma and now , the scar disappears already. :P

                                            *I get this picture from google. 

                    This is more expensive. if i am not wrong, i bought it for RM37 :o 
                   But you can use it for a long time. So it is worth it. :O I have a ring scar on my face.
                     I am using mederma instead of the tea tree oil cause i dont think it helps. 
                   Now, my ring scar starts to blemish already ! SO EXCITED ! :'D


It can be used for pimples, minor cuts, wounds, athletes foot, infected nails, minor burns and sunburn, mosquito and other insect bites, sinus and nasal congestion, bad breath, sore throat, mouth ulcers.

you know what is unpredictable ? you can rinse your mouth with it after dropping a few drop into warm water. EEEEEKS. D: